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At Hometown we love Easter and we love to have fun. JESUS and his resurrection will be the main focus of our Easter services. There will be awesome music and a relatable message, but we'll also have COFFEE and get this… BACON. We'll also have a selection of donuts, and maybe even maple donuts topped with bacon! It’s going to be a great morning and we we'd love to celebrate it with you!

easter services

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At 10:00 AM and on-demand on Facebook and YouTube.

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A therapist once said, “We are all carrying backpacks that we continually load up. We keep packing them full until one day they can’t zip and our stuff overflows all over the place.”

Do you feel weighed down and spilling out? We all carry invisible emotional weights. Grief, anger, fear, regret, and more. Travel with us and learn how to finally lighten your load.