Important Stuff

Hometown Church Mission & Vision
A printable sheet summarizing Hometown's 2025 mission & vision.
Baptism at Hometown Church
A brochure on things to know about being baptized!
Pre-marriage Class
A brochure on Hometown's Pre-marriage class in pdf format.
Spiritual Gifts Test
Spiritual gifts are something every believer is given when they receive the gift of salvation. Just as the gift of salvation is by grace through faith, so are the spiritual gifts. Here is a short, basic Spiritual Gifts Test to help you identify your gifting.
Neighbor Card
A card that you can fill in with prayers for your neighbors and a reminder of ways you can BLESS them.
Log Serving Hours
Tell us how you served our community!

Message Notes/Resources

REAL ID Bookmarks
Printable bookmarks. Page is in pdf format. From Kitt's message on May 3rd, 2021.

Office Forms

Expenditure Reimbursement Form
Submit to be reimbursed for personal expenditures on church purchases.
Check Request Form
Submit to request that a check be sent to a vendor or other payee.
Purchase Authorization Form
Submit to request authorization to make a purchase.
Funds Collected by a Ministry Form
Submit this form along with the funds collected.
Complaint and Grievance Procedures
Information on what to do if you have a complaint or grievance with a Hometown Church pastor or employee.
Promotion Request
This form is to get information out about your event or ministry needs! Includes event registration.
Speaker Release Form
Use this form for speakers that are recorded.
Classified Ad Listing Request
Fill this out to request a listing for items for sale, items needed, job posting, roommate desired, etc.

Building Use

Building Reservation - Lakeville
Use this form to request use of space at our Lakeville campus.
Facility Use Policy - Lakeville
Downloadable document of the policies of using our Lakeville campus.
Building Reservation - Bloomington
Use this form to request use of space at our Bloomington campus.
Facility Use Policy - Bloomington
Downloadable document of the policies of using our Bloomington campus.
Building Reservation - New Hope
Use this form to request use of space at our New Hope campus.
Facility Use Policy - New Hope
Downloadable document of the policies of using our New Hope campus.

Small Group Tools

Small Group Leader Login for PCO
Link for logging into PCO for small group leaders.
Small Group Discussions Library
Link to our small group discussion library.
New Group Form
Use this form for starting new groups at Hometown Church.
Right Now Media Link
Over 14K Bible studies you can use for your small groups! Click this link and then create your own personal account under Hometown Church.
Small Group Courtesies
This downloadable .pdf has a great outline of Small Group courtesies that helps your small group participants be able to put the interest of others above their own.