Kingdom Builders

The Heart of Kingdom Builders
In Acts 1:8 Jesus gives tasks his ordinary disciples with a global vision. In that same spirit, we believe Jesus wants each local church to have a faith-filled God-sized mission that allows them to impact their local community, the areas around them (their region) including different people groups, and the “ends of the earth” (people on the other side of the planet).Kingdom Builders is Hometown Church’s annual vision campaign for how we will actively pursue living out Acts 1:8 and raise the funding to do so.  

Acts 1:8b “…And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” 

Investing for Eternity
Just like every good deed you do in Jesus’ name, every dollar you give to build God’s Kingdom is an investment that will pay dividends in heaven for all of eternity. Unlike investments you might make towards your retirement, there is a guaranteed and eternal payback for spiritual investments. In fact, the return on investment is incredible - it goes on forever!!

When you invest for retirement you want to diversify your portfolio. Kingdom Builders is your diversified eternal portfolio...your everlasting mutual fund!  When you invest in Kingdom Builders you are...
Church Planting and Leadership
Playing a part in church planting and multiplying Christian leadership
Reaching the Unreached
Those who have never heard the Gospel or the name, “Jesus”
Investing in Life
Helping people physically live better and spiritually gain eternal life
Caring for the Poor
Caring for the physically poor AND the poor in spirit

Here's some highlights from 2019...


Mission to Our City

Each year, Hometown does a local mission to our very own cities and communities which the
whole church can participate in. This year it will look a little different and will happen through smaller group of people, but our prayer is that the impact will be great!

Adopt a Nursing Home

Nursing homes and assisted living centers house individuals who are most vulnerable and at-risk
of death from covid-19. It’s also where we have seen some of the state’s worst outbreaks so far.
In 2020, we want to grow relationships with local nursing homes around each of our campuses
and learn how we can best assist both their residents and their care givers in these tragic and stressful times they are faced with through services and financial support.

Adopt a school

By partnering with schools, we can touch many lives (teachers, parents, kids) in our community and learn where some of the most critical needs are to serve and support. We have already experienced this with two Bloomington schools and we look forward to growing thoserelationships as well as starting others near our Lakeville and New Hope campuses.

Adopt a police station/fire department

Our public safety workers sacrifice so much for our well-being. We want to thank, honor, and come alongside them in any way we can to be an encouragement and support. We are eager to learn about ways we can bless some of our local departments.

Adopt a family

For various reasons outside of their control, local families can find themselves completely overwhelmed with bills and medical-related expenses that can be stressful and life-altering. We will be asking the Lord for an opportunity to demonstrate his radical generosity to them in a way that makes a real difference.

Local community neighborhood outreach

This project has two aspects. As a church, Hometown wants to adopt and assist local neighborhoods as needs arise. Additionally, for those of you who have a vision for a neighborhood outreach but not the means to make it happen, we would like to assist and empower you in “being a light” for Jesus!

Assist struggling churches

The economic impact of the pandemic has hit inner city and immigrant churches particularly hard. Many are in danger of closing their doors and are putting pastors in difficult situations. We would like to rally around some of these churches and support our brothers and sisters in Christ at this time through organizations like “Be the Church MN” and possibly others.


We have many close ties to Treehouse and are passionate about their vision to end hopelessness among hurting teens.
We look forward to continuing to serve and support them.

Together for Good

This ministry’s heart is to make sure vulnerable women and children who are at-risk don’t have to walk alone in the midst
of crisis and chronic stress. They make pathways for churches to step into real situations where they can serve and assist these families.

Immigrant Hope

Many immigrants are low-income, speak little to no English, and don’t have the means to become U.S. citizens. That’s where Immigrant Hope can step in and provide low cost legal immigration services -- and hope! Hometown’s support of Immigrant Hope through Kingdom Builders, as well as staff, volunteers, and office space, allow Immigrant Hope to keep serving local immigrants and accomplishing their mission.

Building Projects

Major building renovations have been postponed to allow us to do the projects above and meet community needs that have arisen from the pandemic. However, we know our buildings are a valuable tool for reaching people in the long run. Plans for 2020 include some potentially high impact, lower cost projects that will send our communities the message that we are alive, active, and inviting. Two potential projects are painting the front facings of our buildings and updating our landscaping.


Online Church

Through the pandemic, God has caused us to grow in our use of technology and digital media, and has expanded our reach through an enhanced online presence. Online has become our new front door and we want to open those doors wide! In the remainder of 2020, we will seek the Lord’s leading in how to keep growing and expanding our online offerings to both introduce people to Christ and better help them grow as Christians. Kingdom Builders funds may be used for costs related
to new equipment, technology, services, and staff to make this happen.

New Life Family Services

New Life honors the sanctity of life by offering comprehensive pregnancy-related services and the message of the Gospel.
We want to support their mission and programs which include: First Care Pregnancy Centers, New Life Adoptions, and
Conquerors (restoring hope after abortion).

Arrive Ministries

Each year thousands of refugees and immigrants move to Minnesota looking for a new beginning. Arrive Ministries partners with churches like Hometown to show these new neighbors care and compassion in a way that will help them understand God’s love in a tangible way.


Operation Christmas Child

We would love to pack and ship hundreds of shoe boxes that are sent to kids around the world.These kids receive not only a shoe box filled with gifts, but also the good news of the gospel.

Venezuela Church Support

Our sister church in Venezuela continues to grow in one of the worst economies and political environments in the world. Our support goes a long way in meeting physical needs and helping them expand their church.

Chabin (Haiti) School Support and Outreach

We want to continue helping hundreds of kids in Chabin get an excellent, gospel-centered education as well as assist the local church to reach their community for Jesus.

College Outreach in Costa Rica

Since 1995, we have supported and sent mission teams to Costa Rica and we hope to still send a team in 2020. Our financial support will help reach more young people on the local university campus.

Heshima Children’s Center in Kenya

Last year, we sent a mission team to Nairobi, Kenya, and we were touched by all the ways the Lord is working at Heshima Children’s Center. In 2020, we want to continue to play a role in expanding Heshima’s ministry to special needs children and their mothers.

Caring for the Poor in Cameroon

Through our support, Kingdom Farm in Cameroon, Africa, is able to care for widows, orphans, special needs individuals, and the poor by meeting physical needs that can be life changing.

Church Planting and Discipleship in South Asia

Run Global is a church planting ministry in Nepal and India. They are actively sharing the Gospel, training leaders and new disciples, and planting churches at a rapid rate. We can play a role in helping them continue to grow God’s kingdom!

Spreading Love at Moria Refugee Camp

Last year, we not only sent financial support but also a mission team to the Moria refugee campon the island of Lesvos, Greece, where Euro Relief ministers to people who have fled Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and many other countries. The needs are immense and continue to grow rapidly.  But God is working through Christians to care for and love on these people, many of whom have nothing to their name and nowhere to turn.

Supporting Persecuted Christians

All around the globe, Christians are being persecuted like we can’t even imagine. By supporting Voice of the Martyrs, we can care for these brothers and sisters and encourage them to keep spreading the Good News.

Steiger International

There is a growing global youth culture that has never been to church and know nothing about Jesus. Steiger stands in the gap between those individuals and the church to help bridge them together. They train churches as well as put on evangelistic events that use creative
arts to share God’s love and the hope of the cross.

Disaster Relief – Samaritan's Purse

Every year devastating natural disasters strike this planet and Samaritan’s Purse steps into these situations to provide spiritual and physical aid to those in need with the purpose of sharing God's love. We love partnering with them because of how they meet medical needs, rebuild houses, and hand out supplies -- all in Jesus’ name.


Throughout 2020, we will continue to seek the Lord’s leading about other great Gospel advancing causes that Hometown Church can partner with and invest in for the coming year and beyond. Final prioritization and distribution of the funds and will determined by the pastors overseeing Kingdom Builders.