Mission to Our City
Each year Hometown does a local mission to our very own cities and communities, which the whole church can participate in. This year it will look a little different and will happen through smaller groupings of people, but our prayer is that the impact will be great! 

Local School Partnerships
Hometown Church is partnering with 4 local schools around our 3 campuses. In Bloomington the schools are Indian Mounds and Valley View Elementary. In New Hope it’s Sonnesyn Elementary and in Lakeville there’s a new partnership with Orchard Lake Elementary.

These schools provide a unique opportunity to connect us directly with families in our communities.  They give us the opportunity to practically, and in some cases, radically love our real neighbors. We also have the opportunity to support and show the love of Christ to the faculty and staff.

Assisting Families in Need
For various reasons outside of their control, local families can find themselves completely overwhelmed with bills and medical-related expenses that can be stressful and life-altering. With your gifts to Kingdom Builders, we will ask the Lord for an opportunity to demonstrate his radical generosity to them in a way that make a real difference.  

Local Community Outreach
This project has two aspects. As a church, Hometown wants to adopt and assist local neighborhoods as needs arise. Additionally, for those of you who have a vision for a neighborhood outreach, but not the means to make it happen, we would like to assist and empower you in “being a light” through Kingdom Builders.  

We have many close ties to Treehouse and are passionate about their vision to end hopelessness among hurting teens. We look forward to continuing to serve and support them.  

Immigrant Hope
Many immigrants are low-income, speak little-to-no English, and don’t have the means to become U.S. citizens. That’s where Immigrant Hope can step in and provide low-cost legal immigration services…and hope! Hometown’s support of Immigrant Hope through Kingdom Builders, as well as staff, volunteers, and office space allow Immigrant Hope to keep serving local immigrants and accomplishing their mission.

Building Projects
Our buildings are a valuable tool for reaching people in the long run in our communities. While we don’t value “things” we also realize that the culture we are trying to reach does, and therefore we want to be shrewd in how we continue to invest in these important assets. We currently have a strategic partner walking us through a building master planning process for our campuses to help us figure out how to best use our buildings to accomplish our church vision.

The highest priority building project within KB is at our Lakeville campus and involves a new addition that will expand our gathering area. This 2-level addition allows more room for fellowship space and it will create a warm welcome to visitors using a new lower entrance. There will be comfortable sitting areas, a coffee bar, and new bathrooms. It will also allow us to create more secure kid’s spaces at the same time. Lastly, we hope this addition, in the highest visibility spot of all our campuses, will help us to be more appealing and inviting to the thousands of people who drive by the building on a weekly basis. While our church is welcoming, alive, and full of energy on the inside, that isn’t always the sense that people get on the outside as they drive by our old brick buildings.


Throughout 2023, we will continue to seek the Lord’s leading about other great Gospel advancing causes that Hometown Church can partner with and invest in for the coming year and beyond. Final prioritization and distribution of the funds and will determined by the pastors overseeing Kingdom Builders.